Party politics shows its true weakness

Date: Monday 7th October 2019

SINCE the vote to leave the European Union, party politics has shown its true weakness. Rory Stewart has been evicted from the Conservative party along with many other colleagues because of their sensible stance.

Also, many Labour politicians have left their party to form alliances with other like-minded individuals.

If one is a member of a political party, be it either Conservative, Labour, Liberal, SNP or the Greens, and your political party has a particularly stupid idea you are expected to vote for it regardless, just to satisfy the party.

MPs should forget political parties and vote on policies and ideas which benefit their constituents. This would ensure beneficial ideas would be prioritised.

The first Maglev train officially opened in 1984. It operated on an elevated 600m (2,000ft) section of monorail track between Birmingham airport and Birmingham International railway station.

Today, we have the HS2 project which is both out of date and overspent before it is completed. How a train which purports to travel to the north of England — when it will eventually only reach Manchester, some 120 miles south of Carlisle — will bring huge benefits remains to be seen.

It is said it will cut the journey time between London and Manchester by one hour. How does it earn revenue if it does not stop to collect passengers? To save one hour it will cost £100bn. At midnight the hour saved will become tomorrow, regardless of whether it is saved or wasted.

Let’s have more joined up thinking tempered with common sense, instead of just Rory Stewart being a lone voice of reason in Parliament.


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