Town has lost not only a shop but unique, valuable service

Date: Monday 7th October 2019

THE closure of Thomas Cook’s shop means not “just another hole in Middlegate”, it is the loss of a very valuable and unique service in the town.

We have lived in Penrith for almost 15 years and I can speak as a customer over that period who has received outstanding service and personal recommendations resulting in many wonderful holidays.

In one memorable incident four years ago, I was hospitalised in Rhodes, Greece, having sustained a broken neck while on a holiday booked through the store.

I was receiving indifferent service from the “local” sources in Rhodes until the Middlegate staff took up the problem and contacted the local representative in Rhodes.

As a result, immediately the holiday staff on the island were motivated and in a relatively short time transport from the island was quickly arranged — had it not been for the Penrith staff, my anxiety and frustration would have gone on for some time.

They did not have to do it, but they did. Service has been the hallmark of the staff.

We have been so impressed by the staff at the shop that we recommended their services to a long time friend in Kenilworth, Warwickshire, and he has booked several holidays and long haul flights directly with the branch. As a result, he cannot speak too highly of the staff efficiency.

The holidays we have booked over the time in Penrith have been exceptional and all as a result of the knowledge, personal recommendations and experience of the staff.

Penrith has lost not only “a shop” but a service and it will be sorely missed. To those staff I would say a very sincere thank you — you have served this town well over 34 years and the personal recommendations you have given have resulted in many happy memories for thousands of people, which will live for a very long time.


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